Our Business

Social Contribution

Since its establishment in 1999,
our company has been contributing to society.
In the aftermath of the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011,
our product RTEV, real time video enhancement device,
to clarify videos of the nuclear power plant accident
taken from 30 kilometers away.
This enabled us to quickly transmit and share information to the world.
In recent years, we have been providing information equipment
for international conferences sponsored by the government, such as
Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics and the G20 Summit held in Osaka,
as well as for security at the time of the emperor's enthronement.
We have built a smooth operating environment.
System Development & Integration
System Technical Support
Enviroment Resistant Hardware
Information Security System
Consulting & Employee Education
ERP Integrated Service

① Image and video solutions

In anticipation of digitalization in the field of surveillance and security using images and videos,
we are expanding the planning, development, and sales of Digital Realtime Enhancement Video System and Image and Video forensics software.
This field is attracting attention not only in the surveillance field, but also in the defense, police, and broadcasting industries, and we are building up a track record.

  • Digital Realtime Enhancement Video System
  • AF – Digital Forensic Software

② Construction of security systems

To confront the problem of information leakage, we are working on proposing and selling encrypted mobile storage and IP encrypted transmission devices for videos and images.
We also provide system construction and operation support tailored to the needs of customers.

  • IP Encryption Transmission Equipment
  • Encryption Mobile Storage

③ Provision of environment-resistant hardware and system construction

Since its establishment, our company has been striving to provide PC equipment and related services that will open a new era in the industry and R&D fields based on electronics technology as our business domain.
In addition, to contribute to the defense of Japan, we are actively engaged in the provision and maintenance of electronic equipment for defense systems by gathering the latest technology based on the technical know-how we have cultivated since our founding.

  • Providing PC equipment with environment-resistant specifications for industrial use
  • Environment-resistant storage servers
  • Offering a wide range of PC peripherals from about 30 suppliers in Japan and overseas to meet the functions and specifications desired by customers.